Thursday, January 8, 2009


...or words I hate to type...

definitely - I think today is the first time I spelled this one correctly! Almost everytime I use it, spellcheck tries to turn it into defiantly (which is totally NOT the word I'm wanting to use!)

thanks - okay, so this one is not so much a spelling thing as it is a typing thing. Without fail, when I'm trying to type this word at the end of an email, my finger screw it up & type "tahnks" and for whatever reason, spellcheck doesn't fix it! grrrr

asthma - I can never remember where that "s" goes - thank goodness for spell check! I love that I can just start to type a word in my Google toolbar & it will pop up w/ (search) options that help me to figure out the correct spelling (I'm SUCH a cheater! LOL).

I know there are more of these...but now that I'm putting them down on "paper" I can't think of them all! Are there words that drive you nuts? That you just hate to use but find yourself needing them? Leave me a comment and share with me the ones that annoy you too!

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