Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The "Christmas Letter" write or not to write...

Well, truth be told...I always write one. Do you hate them? I hear some people do...but I also hear that people like to receive mine. I've been told that I write a good one because it doesn't always come off like I'm bragging about my year (like it did before we had kids), it's always updates of what's happening in our lives. Well, I just wrote this year's letter...and it sounds like we did a lot of traveling...and a bit like I'm bragging (I was never self conscious before someone mentioned bragging!). So, I guess it's back to the keyboard to do some editing. But of course, if I don't finish won't get mailed until after the holidays!
I do enjoy writing gives me a chance to reflect, month by month, on what I've done this year. My letter also includes photos so I get to go month by month through my photo album (that would be a folder on my computer btw, these are not scrapbooked yet!). I get to take a walk down memory lane for the year and remember everything we did. Turns out we did travel a lot!
We took a long weekend cruise in mom & I took the kids to a family wedding in New York in May/June (my first NY trip!)....we drove to Mackinac Island in July....we went to Michigan for Tri-State in September (see previous blog post)....and because of the lame Tri-State vacation, I dragged my family to the Wisconsin Dells in October for a long weekend...and in November my best friend & I took a weekend in Galena to do some scrapbooking. So no, we didn't take any really long vacations, but we did travel more than normal. So is it really bragging when all you're doing is reminiscing?