Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolution #2

I will stop yelling at my kids so much.

I've already started making great strides on this one. For a few months I've been working on being calm in the face of grouchy, nasty, back-talking, grumpy kids. It helps me to know that my son has a possible behavior disorder (we're still working on a diagnosis). It seems to give me more patience in dealing with outbursts (knowledge is power).

I might should reword my resolution to just stop yelling at seems the less I yell at my kids the more quickly frustrated I get w/ My Man so I seem to yell at him more! But hey, he's a big guy, he can take it. After all, he knew I was a moody woman when he married me (grin).

I have noticed a change in my son since I've started yelling less. Whenever he yells I calmly remind him that he doesn't need to yell (he seems to yell more at his sister than he does at me these days). I have also noticed that he has been much more polite and even nice to his family (sister included). He shows more concern and empathy than he used to. I guess there's hope for him yet! ;o)

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