Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

In celebration of my 41st birthday, I've decided to blog about 41 people that have touched my life in some way. One person each day and in no particular order. I actually stole this idea from another blogger. There's a project called "Project 365" which is about taking/posting a new photo every day. But I think her goal was to post about 365 people every day...but I'm not sure I know enough about 365 people to make a blog post for each one! LOL (I'm assuming, of course, that I actually KNOW 365 people!)
But, back to my birthday. It was TOO cold tonight to go out to dinner so we decided to stay home. But My Man did give me a great dinner - steamed snow crab and sauteed veggies. In the last few months our very picky-eater Boy has discovered that he loves steamed crab. Of course the Girl already knew how great it was. We've had it a few times as an appetizer, but this was our first to have it (at home) as a meal. And boy did we pig out! It was SO yum. We decided that it was actually better eating at home than going to our fav restaurant (Bob Chinn's Crabhouse). We prolly saved about $100.00 by eating in (woo hoo!). And did I forget to mention that our butter is totally better? My Man buys this sweet Irish butter from Eurofresh Market. Makes the best melted crab butter!
And for dessert, My Man bought me a small carrot cake (yum) and improvised when he couldn't find a "1" candle.
And now the kids are all snuggled in bed and My Man and I have assumed our regular nightly positions (side by side in our recliners with laptops dialed into work!). So now I need to get back to work as I didn't get everything finished today. If I don't post my first of 41 tonight, then I will start it tomorrow.

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