Sunday, January 18, 2009

3/41: My Brother Bob

As I'm not going in any particular order - I'm just going to jump all over the place with my people posts!
Today I want to highlight my brother. I could also post a photo...but then I'd have to go find one...and I'm just lazy that way. Anyway, my big bro won't care.
My brother is 3 years older than me. He was your typical big brother growing up - he hated me following him around (and I did that a lot), he picked on me every chance he got, he helped me through difficult times (it helps to share history) and he made me proud when he served our country. When we were kids and would fight like cats & dogs my Gma Sally used to tell me that someday I would miss my brother. I never believed it. What a crazy thing to say! But now that he lives in Texas and I'm in Illinois, it's totally true. Too many miles are between us - thank goodness for technology, because he's always just a text message away. I love you Bobby Bobby PeanutButter! ;o)

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