Sunday, January 4, 2009

Broken Resolutions...already!

That didn't take long, did it? LOL

So it's 11:30 PM on January 3rd. I've crawled into bed and realized "I forgot to blog today!". Do I get out of bed? Hmmmm, don't really have anything interesting to blog about (other than the fact that I forgot to blog and it's now 11:30 PM). Okay, forget it - I did warn that on the weekends I might miss a day.

So I was up early on Saturday (the 3rd) to take the boy to a 7AM orthodontist appointment. Then I spent the majority of the the day working in the warehouse and checked email a few times. The plan was to work on the computer when I got home, but just didn't feel up to it. Instead I vegged in front of the t.v. So is it any surprise I forgot to blog? Oh well.

So today I enjoyed a massage (bought a spa package thingie back in September with BFF Fran). I was SO disappointed to find out that it was only for 20 mins which means I had to keep all my clothes on and didn't get "lubed up" with lotion (my skin is SO dry and could really use a good massage). But any massage is better than no massage at all, right? Except this was like a tease. And the whole time I'm lying there getting rubbed & de-stressed, what am I thinking about? The fact that My Man gave me gift certificates in 2007 for a massage and I never took the time to make an appointment & then they expired!! I've been kicking myself the entire year about this one. And now that I've had my 20 minute massage tease, I'm really annoyed I never used those gift certificates! Unfortunately, after wasting the last ones he gave me, he swore to never buy them for me again. Bummer.

So after our massages (Fran & I did them on the same day), we went out for a cup of tea to catch up. We figured out that we hadn't seen each other for an entire month! Could not believe we went that long! Yes, we talked a lot on the phone, but I don't think we've ever done a month without a face-to-face visit! Consequently, we both have another reason to be glad the holidays are over.

So now I'm off to resume laundry detail. I am so behind in getting this stuff done. Actually, I think the last time I was actually caught up on laundry had to be last March when the pool table actually saw some play time for My Man's birthday. My domestic duties never end!

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