Thursday, January 22, 2009

4/41: My Dad

I've always been a "Daddy's Girl". I can thank my dad for giving me a love of Star Trek and veggies (that man can garden!). He helped me to appreciate how good it feels to work at something and see it grow (even if I did hate to garden). He taught me that sometimes it is good to just sit in silence (although I'd still rather do it with music). I can remember sitting on his lap while watching TV (Star Trek reruns no doubt). He worked hard - leaving so early in the morning we were still asleep and the sun hadn't yet come up. He showed me how when you have time off, you can also find time to enjoy family and fun. He took us camping and on car trips. Although my brother & I would try his patience and often times I think he wondered "why" he had kids (he's figured it out - it was so he could have grandkids), we always knew that he loved us. He was prolly to young and immature to have kids when he did (he's admitted this to me), but he makes a great grandpa and is young enough to keep up with them. He recently remarried and found a great mate. I'm so happy that he is happy and glad to have him in my life...even if he lives SO far away.
Sorry for not posting a picture...I'll have to do it some other time as I couldn't find one I wanted to use!

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