Thursday, January 15, 2009

1/41: Grandma Sally

I miss my Grandma Sally.
I grew up in Ohio, just miles from the Pennsylvania border and Gma Sally lived right over that border. I got to spend a lot of time at her house. It was my favorite place to be.
Gma Sally never claimed to be an independent woman. When Gpa died in the early 70s, she was forced into becoming a "modern woman". My mom got her to learn how to drive so she could be more independent. When I was old enough to come stay with her she was living on her own and worked for a funeral home. I remember thinking how cool it was that she worked. I've had a lot of strong women in my life and she's one of them, not that she would believe me if she could hear me say that!
Gma always had a can of fruit cocktail in the cupboard when I came to visit. We use to make Chicken a'la King and play Gin Rummy. She let me watch whatever I wanted on TV (as long as it wasn't time for the news).
I was so excited that she was finally coming to live near me in the Chicago suburbs. She moved in with my aunt (mi Tia) in June 2006. Unfortunately we only had her for a few months as we found out in August she had ovarian cancer. Gma left us later that month. We just didn't have enough time.
I think about you often Gma and miss you terribly. I love you!

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