Friday, January 16, 2009

2/41: My Best Friend, Fran

Fran is my BFF. We met in the summer of 1995, the year I got married. Of course, we had JUST met so she wasn't invited to our wedding (she never lets me forget that! LOL). By the next year we were good friends. We discovered we had a lot in common (we both liked to scrapbook, had husbands that sailed, we were both short, came from close families, etc.). As the years went on we became closer and became best friends.
For years I used to tell my mom that I wished I had a best friends like her. Especially like the friendship she had with our neighbor growing up, Barb. They spent loads of time together, learned from each other, raised kids right next door to each other, her kids babysat us, the list goes on. Well, Fran didn't move right next door, but after so many years of looking for a best friend, I finally found "my Barb".
Frannie and I share everything. And one of the great things about our friendship is that we can just sit next to each other and not do anything and we still have the best time (we're weird that way I guess!).
We do have our differences... she's a sports fanatic (I don't get it); I love John Cusack (she can't figure out why); she's now divorced (I'm not); she sweet & kind (I'm moody & lack tact). Just being friends with her makes me a better person. Thanks Fran - you rock!

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