Thursday, January 29, 2009

I want my money back!

Everyday it's pretty much the same thing. My Man takes The Girl to daycare. He rushes in, drops her off, clocks in & then rushes out the door. And then at the end of the day, I rush in, pick up The Girl & rush out (usually cuz I'm late and have to rush over to the Y to pick up The Boy). So today was The Boy's first den meeting for Cub Scouts so he was at the office at 5. So I go to pick up The Girl at a leisure pace. I'm standing around in the foyer of Kindercare (I mention the name so if you use them you can check this out at your location), not really rushing...just kinda loitering (who loiters at a daycare center?). I notice there is a stack of postcards on the counter (where they usually put stuff for parents). It's an advertisement for a parenting magazine. I think "cool - maybe it's a freebie magazine for Kindercare parents" (just like when I first enrolled the kids at Children's World they gave me a free 1 year subscription to Working Mother). But then I read the fine print - apparently it's not a complimentary subscription (that I am about to start receiving in the mail). It's actually a discounted subscription. But here's the kicker - they've already taken the $10 out of my account with my December 15, 2008 tuition! Yes, you heard me right. I get to have a parenting magazine, courtesy of Kindercare, and it only cost me $10 that I didn't know that I spent. That I didn't say I wanted. And if I don't want it, here's what I have to do - send THEM a cancellation notice and a receipt showing I paid for it! What?? So I filled out the card and gave it to the Assistant Director & told her that if indeed corporate added $10 to my tuition last month, I want my money back. I don't have time to read magazines anyway - and I could use that $10 for something else! She said she didn't even notice they said that & that the cards had been there all month! What a flippin scam!! What do you think? Am I over reacting? I don't think so!

They just told me last night that we were not charged - apparently that flier that sat out there for all to see was wrong!

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