Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How did you & daddy meet?

The boy asks that question. So I tell him the story...

"I wasn't living here long and I was taking a sailing class in the city and went sailing on a Wednesday Night..."

"when daddy sails?" he asks, "yes, when daddy sails" I reply

"did you sail on his boat?"

"no, I sailed on Lauren's daddy's boat" (Lauren is his Godmom & my cousin)

"I met a nice lady (whose husband sailed on that boat) that asked me lots of questions about where I was from and after the sailing was over I went to the bar and she started introducing me to everyone. There was no place to sit so I sat on daddy's lap..."

"you sat on his lap?"

"yes honey, I sat on his lap" (was a flirt or what?)

And then with his big brown eyes, he looks at me puzzled and asks...

"why didn't daddy just give you his seat?"

"hmmm, that's a darn good questions sweetie - you should ask daddy that question!" ;o)

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