Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I LOVE snow - no, really I do! I didn't always, when I moved back north after living in Texas I hated snow. But after learning to ski (thanks to My Man) I decided that snow rocked. And as long as I have a car with all wheel drive, I'm golden.
It snowed Friday night through (mostly) all day Saturday. The Girl wanted to go play in the snow but her snow pants were in the car. She set out to go get them but the snow was too deep. So then she took the shovel so she could make a path to the garage. It didn't take her long to claim that it was just too far (she didn't even shovel past the steps).
Later I shoveled my way to the car, then had to go out. My Man snow-blowed the walk (and the driveway) and it's amazing to see how high that snow really is! This photo is our front walk. I guess I shoulda put a kid out there to give perspective...but the snow is about 1.5 feet deep.
Love that snow!!

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