Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Reading Update

Well, this summer is proving more difficult for My Boy this year. He has to read 2 books totally 200 pages for each session. We went into this with excitement, but he's been pretty distracted by summer camp and his reading has slowed down quite a bit. He chose Diary of a Wimpy Kid (200 pages on it's own) and he hasn't finished it yet.

My Girl is doing pretty good, she's about halfway through her books (of course, she only has to have someone read TO her, so that's quite a bit easier).

Me, well I've been plowing through and have read 4 so far (the goal is 5 for each visit). Here's what I've read:

  1. Hot Stuff, by Janet Evanovich & Leanne Banks
  2. Plum Lovin' by Janet Evanovich (a between the numbers novel)
  3. The Grand Finale by Janet Evanovich
  4. Rocky Road to Romance by Janet Evanovich
  5. Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews (just started this one yesterday)

Hmm, apparentlyI have a slight addiction to Janet Evanovich, LOL.

I do enjoy her old romance novels, but they're just not the same as the Stephanie Plum series. I was desperate to quickly pick another one (that's how I ended up w/ #5) but next time I'll do some more research before I go to the library to see if I can find something more mystery/romance (hey, it's no fun unless there's a hot guy in there!).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time for the Summer Reading Program!!

We love the Palatine Library's Summer Reading Program. I think in the beginning (for My Boy) it was all about the free T-Shirt at the end. Then last year it became more about the challenge of completing the form (because the year before that it was me reading to him & last year was his first year to be on his own). This year is different. Don't get me wrong, it's still about the T-Shirt and completing the form - but this time it's also about enjoying the books.

I had honestly started to think My Boy was never going to get into reading. But just suddenly he's decided to read for entertainment. He actually voluntarily decided to read INSTEAD of watch TV! I could NOT believe it. I'm still in shock!

We signed up for the library's Summer Reading Program last night and he is so jazzed to get through his first 200 pages (he has to read 2 books totalling 200 pages for each of the 4 visits before the end of July).

My Girl is also doing it again - she's still in the "read to me" group and so we have to read 10 books for each visit. My Boy has even volunteered to read to her too!

This is my second year to sign up. I got bit by the reading bug last year and didn't think I'd be able to read 5 books (the entire requirement for adults) but instead read 15 before the end of the summer! (adults have until the end of August).

So we stocked up on our books yesterday and I'm already almost done with my first book. I was bummed to learn that I've completed the Stephanie Plum series (I'm waiting for book 15 to come out this month). So now I'll have to find a new heroine to read about. If you have any suggestions - please let me know! I'm really into the romantic comedy/mysteries. If it can make me laugh out loud, has a mystery to solve and a hot guy in it - I'm there!

I also love love F Paul Wilson - I am desperately waiting for the 13th Repairman Jack novel to come out (due out this October). I would LOVE to find a copy of The Touch - can't find it anywhere (but online, but I'm a brick & mortar kind of girl!). I'm trying to read the Adversary Cycle in order (already read The Keep & Rakoshi, back when it was called The Tomb). May just need to re-read some of the RJ books before October - I felt out-of-touch when I read By The Sword last fall.

So is it weird that I now associate summer with reading? I love reading season! ;o)