Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home Rules

I think I need to make a sign for my house - one with a list of the House Rules. Here's a few of the ideas I'm having...
  1. No Whining.
  2. When you're asked to do something, "Why" is not an appropriate response.
  3. When you're asked to pick up/put away something, "It's not mine" is not an appropriate response.

It just occured to me - why am I asking? I'll re-phrase - when I TELL you to do/pick up/put away something!

There, that's better. And remember, no whining.

(feel free to add your own...I need help completing the list.)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ladies First

Here's another post I meant to post..and never got around to it...

Scene: Spring Break, walking my son into the YMCA for his all-day spring break camp. I'm holding the door open for him...and hoped that he would do the same for me with the next door....

"Hey Bud, you know you should always hold the door for someone when they do it for you. Have you never heard of 'Ladies First'?"

"Mom, that doesn't count for kids." He sits down to change into his slippers (it was pajama day).

"Yes it does, you still should let Ladies go first." I say. Just then a teacher walks by and says...

"Yes it's true, Ladies First".

(my boy does an eye roll here)

"Oh come on Mom, it's not like that anymore - that was the olden days."

"How old were those days Bud?"

"You know, it's not the 80's anymore."

(snicker, snicker. the teacher is giggling now too)

"Bud, it dates way back further than that!"

"Yah, well, Mom did you know that in the day of the Indians the women did all the work? They had to build the teepees and stuff."

"Yah Bud, did you know that women today still do all the work?" LOL

really, it's April?

Oy, has it really been that long since I made a post? It's not for lack of ideas mind you....

A couple of weekends ago My Man and I were painting the basement apartment. The weather was nice outside. The kids (in shorts of course) were outside playing. They decided they "needed" water from the hose. Little did they know that the outside water was turned off...from the inside. So as they look down the hose and hit it on the ground to get it going...My Man is standing just out of view...being sneaky and turning on the water....trying to get them the face. Are we mean or what?!

Of course I took pictures! Of course I haven't downloaded them yet to share!

So the next weekend it snowed. And yes, I took pictures of that too. And yes, they are still in my camera. (and yes, we were still painting that weekend).

So now, it's another weekend later. I finally started tackling the laundry again (after two weekends of just doing one or two loads and NOT folding them). Nothing too cute or funny happened this weekend (that I can recall...or took photos of), but it did snow again.

Oh, I lie....we did take the kids into the city on Saturday. Me & my BFF Fran and I took our three monkeys on the Metra train into the city (of Chicago) to...well, have a picnic. I know, you're thinking - but it was only 48 degrees yesterday! But yes, we did it anyway. We had too - I have a 10 ride ticket that expires on the 16th so we didn't want it to go to waste!

So we (well, Frannie did it really) packed a lunch and hopped on a train. We got to Olgivie Station (which will forever be Northwestern Station to me) in time to be hungry for lunch. We walked thru the building to the river and found a nice sunny spot to spread out the blanket (on cement - it was too cold to find grass). It was nice that it was too cold for bugs and the birds had NO idea what we were doing so they didn't pester us either.

After lunch we walked thru the underground Union Station track area to go see the "other" station. Unfortunately there was some big function going on so it was not as I had remembered seeing it before. But the kids still had a good time and we took some cool photos (NOT in my camera, my batteries died...of course).

Then we walked topside back to "our" station to catch the train home.

So it was a nice weekend...and I have no photos availabe to share. But at least I finally got a post in! :o)