Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Personality Clash

My son drives me nuts. I mean literally bonkers. He drove me to take a 4 year old Xanax a few days ago (yes I still have them, I've hoarded them this long, I don't care that they are expired!).

Whenever I'm finally able to sit back and reflect, I can clearly see the reason we have such a personality clash is because we are so much alike. Of course this realization does not bring me comfort in any way - it only serves to annoy me more.

We got his blood test results back today. We had his TSH levels tested to see if he has a thyroid condition like me (his erratic moody behavior is reminiscent of my own). Turns out, his levels are fine, so that's not his problem! He has an appointment with his therapist this Saturday..and now that we have these results, I do think he will be diagnosed as ODD.

I have not been handling his moods that well this past week - I think a lot of it has to do with my own meds being adjusted. What a pain! It would be SO nice if I could just take a few days with a new dose to know if it's the right dose...but oh know, it's a 4 to 6 week process! Oy!

But I digress...

Our personalities are very similar. I think a lot of our hot buttons are the same. We both know exactly how to push each other's buttons (I swear I do not push his on purpose! If there was a way to avoid his horrible reactions, trust me, I would not push THAT button on purpose!). So here I am, a mom whose personality clashes with her 8 year old son's personality. Can we survive each other? Only time will tell!

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