Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie Review: Meet Dave

Being home sick has its does having an 8 yr old that can run into the library on his own to rent/borrow movies! While My Girl and I sat outside, My Boy ran in to pick up some movies for us to watch today. I know, I know, it's a nice day & they should be outside...but they just got a bunch of legos for a gift so I can't get them to stay out there! Anyway, I digress....

So one of the movies My Boy picked out (on his own) was Meet Dave. It's rated PG and Movie Mom gives it a C- rating. I like the Movie Mom site because I can check out movies to see if they're kid-appropriate before we rent them.

Anyway, she gave it an "okay" review...but mine (albeit more brief) will be different.

We were laughing outloud from the start. There were many funny bits (how could there not be with Eddie Murphy!). There were quite a few moments of potty humor (how they "made" money, butt-referencing names, etc.)

And with most "family" movies, there is a moral to the story. Some movies just hint at a moral and some spell it out. Dave spells it out at the end: it's okay to be different and take pride in your differences.

So I do recommend this movie when you are stuck at home with the kids. It's a laugh out loud fun movie and very enjoyable for me, My Boy (8 yrs) and My Girl (5 yrs).

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