Sunday, May 3, 2009

Interview with a 5 year old

1. How old are you?

2. When is your birthday?
April 27

3. What was the best gift you received for your birthday?
my bike, sleeping bag and Hello Kitty clock

4. What didn't you get that you really wanted?
a unicorn stuffed animal

5. What is your favorite thing about school (day care)?
playing with Ryan & Paulie in the blocks

6. What is your least favorite thing about school?

7. Who is your favorite person in the whole word?
Grandma Sally

8. Who are all the people in your family?
Mommy, Daddy, Scratch and my brother

8. What is your favorite food?
carrots (the raw kind - she doesn't like them cooked!)

9. What is your favorite toy?
my new Pretty Pony toy

10. What is something mommy/daddy always says to you?
Mom: clean your room (we're such slave drivers!)
Dad: clean your room

12. What makes you happy?
watching tv & playing games

13. What makes mommy/daddy happy?
Mom: putting me to bed and reading stories
Dad: I don't know, I'd have to ask him.

14. What makes you sad?
Not watching TV

15. What makes mommy/daddy sad?
Mom: I don't know.
Dad: I don't know.

16. How does mommy/daddy do to make you laugh?
Mom: You make silly faces.
Dad: Tickles me.
(she first said he dances around...but he's NEVER done that! LOL)

17. What were mommy/daddy like when they were little?
Mom: you liked your room and played in your room.
Dad: he liked to play in his room with his toys

18. How old are your mommy/daddy?
Mom: 8
Dad: 9

19. How tall are your mommy/daddy?
Mom: 59 (not sure what measurement we're working on here - but if she means inches, she's got me pretty good!)
Dad: 98

20. What do mommy/daddy do when you’re not around? (she asked, like when I stay at Tia's?)
Mom: go on a trip
Dad: go on a trip with mommy

21. What are mommy/daddy really good at?
Mom: making dinner
Dad: making dinner too, he's really good

22. What are mommy/daddy not very good at?
Mom: doing bad stuff
Dad: cleaning

23. What do mommy/daddy do for their jobs?
Mom: typing on a computer
Dad: he works in the warehouse with a bunch of people

24. What is mommy/daddy’s favorite food?
Mom: vegetables
Dad: chicken

25. What makes you proud of mommy/daddy?
Mom: cleaning
Dad: nothing

26. If mommy/daddy were a cartoon character, what would they be?
Mom: police officer
Dad: policeman

27. What do you do with mommy/daddy?
Mom: get cupcakes
Dad: go to the office

28. How are you and mommy/daddy the same?
Mom & Dad: we all have skin

29. How are you and mommy/daddy different?
Mom: our hair is different color
Dad: he's a boy

30. How do you know mommy/daddy loves you?
Mom: give me hugs & kisses
Dad: he gives me hugs & kisses too

31. What is one thing you would change about mommy/daddy?
Mom: nothing
Dad: nothing

32. What do you like about your brother?
he loves me & lets me come in his room

33. What don't you like about your brother?
he doesn't let me in his room

34. What do you want to be when you grow up?
police officer

35. What is your favorite TV show?
Sponge Bob

36. What is your favorite number?

37. What is your favorite color?

38. What is your favorite animal?

39. What is your favorite time of year?

40. What are you most looking forward to now that you are 5 years old?

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