Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two Whole Hours

I'm always running late and today was no different. My Boy had a birthday party to go to in late afternoon. But we also had a lot to do this weekend.

We'd spent the day (well, the latter half of the day since I started the day with a migrane) preparing to paint the basement "apartment" (2 bedrooms, bathroom, hallway and small kitchen). When it was time to get moving to the party I rushed to get changed and ran out the door without my cell phone.

So we show up at the party location (LaserQuest) and I drop off the boy (I love it when kids get old enough to go to parties without you!) and return to my car. I realized, without a phone, how will I keep track of time? I haven't worn a watch in years (not that I don't want to - just never got around to getting the watchband fixed).

So rather than go shopping (I can't afford to shop anyway) and rather than drive all the way home - to just turn around & come back - I decide to just sit in the car. I did bring a book. How often do you get uninterrupted time to just relax and read? I'm the kind of person that enjoys waiting in doctor waiting rooms - because it gives me a chance to read w/out any interruptions (that is until the durn doctor calls me in! LOL).

So I read my book for two hours. I'm reading New Moon and whenever I read at home I get "looks" from My Man like I should feel guilty for reading. It really bugs me that I somehow found someone to share my life with that does not like to read. It actually annoys him that I enjoy reading. He just feels that I should be doing something more constructive. So knowing this, can you imagine what 2 whole hours of uninterrupted reading time can be like? It was like h.e.a.v.e.n! :o)

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