Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grown-Up Vacation - Day 3

Our last day started by snoozing in (no kids to wake us up!!) and then walking next door for brunch and the crew meeting. Helle laid out a great spread for us....

And then it was time for the crew meeting. Everyone gathered on the back porch as the a storm moved in. While the crew (that was still in FL) spent hours planning and discussing the coming race year, I lounged in the living room reading a book. After the meeting My Man and I went with some friends to have lunch. The weather wasn't nearly as nice on Sunday as the the days before. It was cool, windy and rainy.
We left for the airport in the late afternoon and caught our flight. We made good time...until we arrived at O'Hare. We spent 1 hour and 45 minutes sitting on the tarmac waiting to get into the gate. Suprisingly, all of my fellow travelers and me were very understanding about the delays - there were some pretty big winter storms on the East Coast causing delays. However, once we FINALLY got into a gate, our patience was awarded with major annoyance. We expected to be sitting on the tarmac for a long time because the terminals would be full of travelers. But imagine our suprise that the terminal was practically empty! None of us (even the pilot complained) could believe they left us sitting out there all that time when there were so many empty gates.
Overall - it was great to get away without the kids - I highly recommend it! And they had a great time too staying at home without us. We look forward to doing this again next year!

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