Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grown-Up Vacation - Day 2

On day two we got up - had breakfast and then drove south to __ to go for an airboat ride. Now I've never done this before - and always wondered what it would be like. Want to know? It's loud. And bumpy (at times). It's also a lot of fun. I wonder if it would've been scary during alligator season (summer)?

Mike, My Man & Me were in one boat & the others had to go in a different boat. I took a lot of photos of trees with wicked branches..and then afterwards we went to lunch and I took pictures of birds! (see the big fat pelican?)
To get to & from this ride we had to drive down Alligator Alley (again, not in season so we didn't get to see any). This highway is also a panther sanctuary so there were panther crossing signs! Of course, didn't see any of those either - but it was cool to see the signs.
Once we were back at the house it was time for more team building activities. Again, it was the red team vs the purple team (go red!).
The first game (the name of which I can not remember) involved throwing two golf balls attached to each other w/ a string at a PVC pipe frame. You can only throw holding onto one ball and the goal is to wrap them around the frame as many times as possible. Or in some cases, just get the durn things to land on the frame!
I was pleased as (spiked) punch to take 3rd place for the most points! And, of course, red won, again. :o)
Our third and final team building exercise was to transfer as much water as possible from one bucket to the other using two PVC pipes with strategically placed holes in them. But we couldn't use anything but our team members hands and the pipes. Of course our fearless leader (Helle) later told us we could've gotten creative & shoved a shirt or something in the pipe (we all swear she told us to ONLY use our hands!). This time the purple team won.
By the end of the evening prizes were given, stories were told and each crew was honored with an award for their dedication to the Can Can Duex.
Overall, Saturday was a much tamer evening than Friday - I think we're all getting to old for this! LOL

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