Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's a flood!

My Girl walks into the bathroom (while I'm "busy") and asks...

"Mommy, can I play in the water?"

Where I ask, and she points the window (she means in the backyard). I have visions of her running naked in the backyard and it's only in the 50s.

"No, but you can play in the sink."

She smiles & skips out to go to her bathroom "Okay, thanks Mommy!"

A few minutes later (or so it seemed) and My Man is yelling from said bathroom. Apparently she plugged the drain, put the water on full blast, put her toys on the toilet...and then decided to watch television in the living room.

Meanwhile, the sink overflowed, ran onto the floor, leaked down the wall into the downstairs bathroom...just as My Man had primed the wall for repainting.

I would've taken a photo to post with this blog...but My Man would not have understood. Needless to say, we'll need to caulk the floor and re-prime the wall down stairs.

Moral of the story - maybe playing with water in the backyard in 50 degree weather isn't such a bad idea!

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