Monday, February 9, 2009

Holy Scrap!

I had my semi-regular scrapbooking weekend w/ my BF this past weekend. I actually moved up the clock a bit and arrived at her house shortly after lunch on Friday (as opposed to dinner time like last time). I swear, next time, I'm leaving right after My Boy is on the school bus!
We spent the afternoon/evening watching movies and prepping food for the next day's full day scrap event.
First we finished My Fair Lady (we didn't get to finish it during our last scrapping weekend together in November). Then we watched Paris - When It Sizzles with William Holden and Audrey Hepburn. It was an okay movie - we were pretty distracted and had to finish it later (I was happier with the ending than I was with My Fair Lady, which annoyed me). I was bummed we didn't get to watch the other Audrey Hepburn movies we had planned...but after watching her & William Holden together we're really looking forward to watching them together in Sabrina someday soon.
So on Saturday we got up fairly early, packed up our scrapbooking supplies, the yummy breakfast strata that my BF is known for and the potato soup we concocted for lunch and set off for McHenry for the all-day scrap. We arrived at 10am (an hour behind schedule) and got busy. We had a fantastic time and I got 16 pages done (all from our England vacation last Christmas/New Years 2008).
We left to go back home around 10:30/11 PM and boy were we tired. We even saw a coyote run across the road as we were leaving the "rural" area. By the time we got to the house we both collapsed into bed & conked out cold. We had a leisurely morning on Sunday and then I high-tailed it home to my family.
It was a great time and I wish we had more time....will definitely need to work my way up to an earlier Friday! I highly recommend every mom take a weekend off to do something they enjoy...even if it is to just sit around and read and veg for two days straight. It's totally worth it!
I almost forgot - I got the title for my post from a pair of sweatpants one of the other scrappers was wearing...we decided we totally gotta go to the scrapping expo in August and get us a pair of those - what a riot!

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