Thursday, February 26, 2009

Family Game Night

Do you have a family game night?
We used to - regularly on Friday nights. Then Robinson Crusoe started on NBC and it turned into family TV night. Which was bad since Saturday was already family movie night!
But then Crusoe moved to Saturday nights. We were bummed - because that screwed up movie night! But, that meant we had our game night back!
Of course, it took a few months for us to get back to it...but we're getting there.
Here's My Boy's 1st choice for game night - Monopoly...

Not just ANY Monopoly game - it's the one from England (so we all have to remember to demand our payments in pounds instead of dollars).

And of course, you gotta have dessert on a Friday night (tonight's choice is chocolate pudding).

Of course, this was LAST Friday's game night...and this Friday My Man and I will be in Florida....without the kids...on a couples-only weekend. But that's a blog for another night.

BTW, I highly recommend instituting a family game night. I think it's even more important than family dinner. Because it's the only time you know for sure you have everyone's attention (at least that's the way it is in my family!)

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