Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Clutter Monkey

I am a total clutter monkey. I used to say "magnet" but "monkey" is just more fun (and the kids get a kick out of it too).

Anyway - clutter just seems to collect around me. It's at home. It's at work. It's even in my bathroom for pity's sake!

I just read this blog post by the Organizing Diva. It's 6 tricks for getting started.
My problem is still just "doing it". Every now and then I get my monkeys (that would be my kids) to participate in a "10 minute clean-up". This is when we set the kitchen timer and see who can clean up the most in the least amount of time (because for some weird reason, we can't do anything in this house unless it's a contest).

One thing I finally did after many years of "saying" I would is to take all of the manuals out of my "junk" drawer and put them in binder. I used sleeve protectors in a really big binder. Now all I need to do is organize it by location (ie: kitchen manuals vs living room/electronics manuals, etc).

Now all I need to do is tackle the rest of the house!!

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