Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays

Hard to believe it has been SO long since I blogged. Although I think about blogging often, finding time to actually sit down & type is another issue altogether!

We had family photos done earlier this month...the plan was to frame & give them as Christmas gifts to family...but then forgot to take them with us when we went to Texas (our Christmas gift to ourselves). We left for Texas on Saturday the 20th - squeezing our departure in between winter storms. We made good time and got there in 17 hours. The kids were real troopers.
Our "big" gift for the kids this year were digital cameras so they've been taking pictures like crazy - haven't had a chance to upload them to our family photo site - but will do that eventually.
We left to come home on Saturday the 27th, one week is just not enough time! We chased a storm all the way home as we wanted to get here before the temperature dropped and everything froze. Again, made good time & got home in 16 hours.
We don't currently have plans for New Years so we'll probably just stay home and rest. Looking forward to a new year and hoping for a better economy too! Also hoping to finish our Christmas cards as I haven't had time to write the "letter" or compile all the photos yet (let alone mail them out!).

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