Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My little angel & devil

Happy (belated) Halloween!!

The Girl really wanted to be an "Indian Jones girl" she said - but after The Boy announced he wanted to be a devil...I convinced her to be an angel. Honestly, these are the best costumes for my kids! ;o)

The Boy's was easy - red turtleneck and red sweats (clothes he can wear again), last year's vampire cape and $1.00 mask from Wal-Mart. I had hoped to buy him horns & a tail but all I could find were girlie accessories (I convinced him he really didn't want those). Did pick him up a pitch fork as well. His total costume costs (not including the clothes) were $7.00.

For The Girl I picked up an angel accessories set (halo & wings) and I made the robe. I had an old white fitted sheet I had considered tossing just last week. I cut it up, sewed it into a gown, bought a gold & white cord for a belt & voila! The cutest little angel in town. She already had white pants so I bought her a white turtleneck. Her total costume costs (not including the clothes) were $8.00.

So my first try at "making their costumes" instead of buying them went pretty good!
(okay, so not everything was homemade - but at least I didn't buy one of those cheapie things!)

The photo is from my phone because my blasted digital camera croaked on me last month! argg!!

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