Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Reading Update #2

Well, we're down to the wire now...we only have another 9 days left to finish all of our reading. I'm done (I'm on my 3rd sheet now) but the kids have one visit left to go. We went this evening and picked up 10 more books for My Girl (we read TO her) and My Boy picked out a few more too. He's done pretty good - he has to read 200 pages each time and he's been doing it (with our help sometimes).

So as long as we get back there with our completed forms by July 31st, we're golden. And I think I mentioned this before, if we all wear our t-shirts into the library before the end of August, they'll give us a $30 movie gift certificate (woo hoo!). And of course, that's what the kids have been looking forward to (nevermind the free t-shirt too!).

I've been reading variety of books...and because I haven't been blogging I don't have the list to share. But I can tell ya I FINALLY finished the very short High Heels series I started last year. Just love Gemma Halliday's High Heels series!! It's about a shoe designer that keeps getting caught up in a murder mystery...all the while lusting after her hot Hispanic boyfriend Jack Ramirez and being tempted by the Brit tabloid report Felix Dunn. To check out the series, visit Gemma's website.

I'm happy to hear that Felix has his own series starting called Hollywood Headlines. I'll be happy to start reading this series very soon too.

I've also been enjoying books written by Mary Kay Andrews. I was smitten with the first book I read (Deep Dish). The next one (Hissy Fit) moved a little slower for me, but it was also enjoyable. Now I'm reading Savannah Breeze which is a sequel to Savannah Blues, but that one wasn't at the library so I didn't get to read it first. Apparently I forgot to read the jacket on Breeze because I was shocked (kinda) when the heroine got taken to the cleaners by a rouge beau. Now I'm eager to get through the book to find out if they catch him!

I have noticed a theme in most of the books I've been reading lately...they all seem to have a cantankerous old lady in them - I guess they bring a little comic relief to the stories. I thought it was just an Evanovich thing...but it seems to be in all the books I've been reading this summer!

At any rate - really enjoying all the reading I've been doing...just wish I had more time!

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