Friday, August 8, 2008

You Said What?

What's the strangest thing you ever said that you never thought you'd say (until you were a parent)? That's the topic of a fellow mom-blogger...check it out:

She posted her top 10 (pretty durn funny too!) and it got me thinking...hmm....(ouch)....

Okay, I have one (& I posted it on her site as well)...when we went on vacation to the Bahamas in 2007 w/ our friends, we took along our teenage babysitter Kate (because there were four little kids between us). It was great having help on our vacation...not to mention us adults got to go out w/ out the kids! So the funniest said was when we were driving to the our extended van to fit us & all our stuff....and one of my kids had a booger emergency...quick thinking resulted in my shouting out "Give your booger to Kate!!" LOL - I still crack up when I think of that!

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