Saturday, August 23, 2008

yes, those are my kids...

After convincing The Boy that he does not need a $15 haircut at Kidsnips (and that it costs that because those toys really are not free), we (The Girl, The Boy & I) walk down to Fantastic Sams down the street. They're having a special - $6.00 kids cuts. So of course, I saved so much..I had to stop at the resale store on our way back.

Really, I have a good reason - we have one glass that the kids fight over who gets to use it...and we now have a schedule to ease that dinnertime stress (The Girl gets it M/W/F and The Boy gets it T/TH/Sat OR Sun, his choice). Anyway, I digress....

So I go into the resale store to see if they have a glass like it because those kinds of places always have lots of mismatched glassware (where on earth did I get that glass to begin with? I have no idea!).

So as I'm roaming the store my kids find the toy room. And what is the result? They get kicked out for making a mess! The lady gives me a hard time and I scold the kids & tell her we'll clean it up & she says "no, that's okay", she wanted to redo it all anyway (insert eye roll here). Then I apologize to the other owner as we're checking out and she gives me a spiel about how they prefer their customers to better supervise their kids (insert another eye roll here). I apologize, again and promise not to bring them "next time" (like I'll go there again after that embarrassment!).

Okay, I've decided my kids are in for some majorly embarrassing times in their teen years for putting me through crap like that! ugh.

BTW, that $6.00 haircut was every bit as good as the $15.00 ones!!

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