Friday, December 3, 2010


So I "think" I'll make the switch to WordPress...but figured before I do...I should share some links.

Here's the blog I started after this's all about "old America".
It's not so much a "word" blog as it is a "photo" blog. I don't plan to talk a lot - just post photos of old buildings respresenting old America. My original plan is to visit small towns & take photos of old post offices (before the USPS shuts them all down). But I realized, there might be more to this than just post offices. So if you have photos to share of old post offices, let me know...and if you know of old buildings that just scream "America", please let me know about them too! I also have a Flickr page for this purpose: > (hope that works, was expecting a shorter link!)

My "new" Average Life blog is here:
This is where I'll start blogging from instead of here. What I can't manage to decide is if I should "import" this blog into there....or just start fresh. I guess I'll figure it out later!

And iffin ya need to reach me outside of the blogging realm...there's always Twitter & Facebook.

Outside of personal...I also blog for business!

Here's my company - The Mailing Department:

And here's our new venture - Eco Print Mail (haven't really got this one going yet):

So feel free to visit me online...or drop me a line & we can go have coffee (or in my case, tea).

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