Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ladies First

Here's another post I meant to post..and never got around to it...

Scene: Spring Break, walking my son into the YMCA for his all-day spring break camp. I'm holding the door open for him...and hoped that he would do the same for me with the next door....

"Hey Bud, you know you should always hold the door for someone when they do it for you. Have you never heard of 'Ladies First'?"

"Mom, that doesn't count for kids." He sits down to change into his slippers (it was pajama day).

"Yes it does, you still should let Ladies go first." I say. Just then a teacher walks by and says...

"Yes it's true, Ladies First".

(my boy does an eye roll here)

"Oh come on Mom, it's not like that anymore - that was the olden days."

"How old were those days Bud?"

"You know, it's not the 80's anymore."

(snicker, snicker. the teacher is giggling now too)

"Bud, it dates way back further than that!"

"Yah, well, Mom did you know that in the day of the Indians the women did all the work? They had to build the teepees and stuff."

"Yah Bud, did you know that women today still do all the work?" LOL

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