Wednesday, June 4, 2008

and a spider sat down beside her...

So there's a spider living under my tub. I'm weirdly afraid of spiders, but I try not to be for my kid's sake. So as I'm sitting in the bathroom, without my glasses (so everything is fuzzy), out he comes & runs near my feet. I freak...and put the plunger on him. I figure, he's trapped, I'll deal with him later.
So later I think, should I lift the plunger? What if he's freaking & starts running all over? I may have to kill him (as I'll be freaking out). Or what if he's already escaped? Will that freak me out too (not knowing where he is)? Okay, I'll give it more time. I'm sure he's escaped by now (afterall a spider can get thru a screen door, surely he can get out from a plunger on a tile floor).
Next day...I'm in the shower obsessing about the silly spider. Why is he in my bathroom anyway? Mom always said, if it's a window spider, leave him in the window, he's eating the bugs! I think to myself, there's no bugs on the floor. Oh wait, there has been in the past. Ah hell, he's eating the bugs on the floor! I gotta let him go!
So, after showering, I lift the plunger. Fully believing he won't be there anyway.
Oh crap. A shriveled up black thing. Ah man, he died! Durnit, I killed a spider...why do I feel so guilty now?

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