Thursday, July 12, 2007


It's always great to have something to look forward to. The day goes by quicker, you feel lighter and your mood brightens. As a business owner I don't get to take too many vacations...and certainly not very long ones. And being in business with my husband makes it even harder (when we go on vacation that's 2 less in the office!). So we took a long weekend in March and now this weekend we'll take a little more (still not a whole week) for the Mackinac Island trip. This trip used to be an annual event (we both were sailors so I always met him up there after the race) but after having kids, the cost of it, and the business demands, kept me from going. But last year we (the kids & I and my mom) took the trip. It was SO great to get away. And now the kids & I will be doing it again...we leave Sunday. Yes, it's a long car trip alone with the kids, but I'm still looking forward to it. It's great to be on the island. No cars, the only loud noises are sailors & the occasional canon boom. Of course it smells like horse "stuff" and you have to watch where you walk, but it's still better than being at home!
I can't wait to go...and I'm sure by Wednesday I'll be anxious to get home & back to work. I only hope this time that the office can live without us and we won't be fielding calls the entire time we're gone! But that's a whole other blog...

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